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QUOTATIONS: This quote is valid for a period of 45 days from the date quoted, unless ICO Mold informs a customer within this period, but prior to placing an order, that the quote is void. If the quote is voided, ICO Mold reserves the right to issue a revised quote or decline to quote. It is the responsibility of the customer to alert ICO to all design changes that have been made after the quoted design state and acceptance of an order without such notification does not prevent ICO from changing the price for the order.

It is at ICOMolds discretion whether to accept, re-quote or decline an order with design changes. If ICO deems necessary, the original quote will be voided and ICO Mold will issue a new quote for the revised part design, or will decline to quote. Any feature such as inserted features, over-molding, texturing, text, etc., or material not clearly identified in the customers request for quote, and not specifically stated on the quote, is not included in the quoted price. Furthermore, a part may be quoted with the assumption that design flaws that are not conducive to injection molding will be corrected prior to mold design. If moldability flaw(s) are present and identified during any time of processing the order, the customer will be informed. If the customer agrees, the design changes will be made, otherwise the order will be voided and the prorated down payment will be returned. ICO Mold will provide design change recommendations when the customer design is not conducive to industry standard and/or ICO Mold molding techniques. All quotes are FOB Shenzhen China. All shipping cost and cost related to importing will be paid by the customer and are not included in the quote. ICO Mold will quote estimated shipping cost upon request.

TOOLING: All tooling is based on the customer supplied 3D CAD data which supersedes any conflict withe 2D dimensional or geometric data. First Article quality reports on three samples for the customer indicated critical dimensions are provided at no charge. Full dimensional layouts, CMM reports, or more higher number of samples will be quoted as needed. All tooling associated with producing the desired paris not built for export, but remains the property of the customer until discarded. ICO Mold will maintain and store the customers tooling at no cost for a period of two years of inactivity. After two years of inactivity, the mold(s) will be discarded unless the customer initiates financial arrangements with ICO Mold to protect and store the mold beyond the two year period of inactivity. All tooling will only be usedto make parts for the original customer or their authorized associate during the period.

PART DESIGN ITTERATIONS: ICO will modify tooling to support design changes at a quoted rate. ICO reserves the right to determine the suitability of the mold modification vs. making a new mold. A set-up fee, based on the injection machine size required, is applied for each parts run or tool sampling resulting from a customer driven design change to the mold.

PART PERFORMANCE: The technical performance of parts and materials is the responsibility of the customer, which assumes all liabilities associated with the use of the parts. The customer is responsible for all testing and approval prior to their use of the parts. Design characteristics which are deemed by ICO Mold to be the cause of post-molding part distortion, warp or sink are the responsibility of the customer to correct through part design.

PART USE & DESTINATION: The customer is responsible for complying with all applicable U.S. laws associated with the direct or indirect use of the part(s) and the ultimate destination.

PAYMENT: Tooling payment terms are 50% down payment and 50% upon sample acceptance. Three to ten samples, depending on order size, will be provided to the customer for review and tooling acceptance purposes. Parts payment terms are prepaid with order. MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards are accepted. Terms may be modified for established customers in good standing and approved credit.""

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